What is EIFS Inspection?

What Is EIFS Inspection?

What is EIFS Inspection?

What is EIFS Inspection?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. These are protective layers that are applied on the commercials and domestic property to insulate the wall surfaces and making them water resistant. Sometimes due to over insulation, the moisture tends to get trapped in the insulation material. This further evolves into multiple problems such as termite infestation, growth of molds and rotting of exterior and interior walls.

EIFS inspection and maintenance team ensures to keep an eye on the health of the product delivered. Instead of a self inspection, it is recommended by EIFS providers that clients get in touch with the professionals to do the same. With years of experience under their belt, they provide excellent services.

Using invasive and non invasive procedures, the EIFS inspection experts use various tools and detectors to identify the root cause of the problems. There are few meters that detect moisture using impedance principle. Using infrared scanners to detect issues in the exterior coating from inside is yet another mechanism. There might be several intrusive actions that might be undertaken depending on the intensity of the problem detected.

Post the inspection report, there is a maintenance team that is sent to the property to fix it. Customised product replacements are provided in case any of them is needed. The officers visit the area on the appointed date and document it visually. Repairs are done as per the standard protocol. With cost effective processes, this reduces frequent visit and random scheduling which might arise because of undocumented issues.

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