Things to consider before choosing welding inspection company

Things To Consider Before Choosing Welding Inspection Company

Things to consider before choosing welding inspection company

Things to consider before choosing welding inspection company

There is a great importance of Welding inspection phoenix for pipelines, oil and gas plants. Nowadays lots of techniques have developed to inspect welds after they are done. These techniques may include ultra sound, radiography, magnetic practical tests, liquid separation and much more. If you are looking for the best way to get good quality welds then visual inspection during welding operation can be the best and effective way.

An experienced and qualified welding inspector is required to ensure all the welding operation gets quality welds. A welding inspector monitors lots of items including incomplete welds, Welders’ certificates, and Weld joint preparation, Condition of electrodes, Welding technique, Weather condition, Welding current, Welding machines, welding tools, Slag cleaning, Selection of welds for radiography and much more. Visual inspection can be the best way to check their quality control steps. Visually inspecting welds require proper attention during the production process. It also saves costs associated with unnecessary re-radiography, weld repairs and radiography.

A welding inspector should be qualified via its qualifications and experience. He/she needs certification by associated authority for welding inspection with specific standards. Well both welder and fabricator know the material to be welded. They both know the joint to be prepared for the process of welding. Still a welding inspector is required as he is required to double check each and every joint to determine that this joint is prepared and weld has created as per the agreed code and standards.

As in the case of pipe joint, a welder should check root lap, root gap with weld angles. He should also check pipe diameter and thickness before the process of welding begins.



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